Sunday, March 31, 2013

War on drugs = war on terror

It's worth hearing how the parliamentary assistant to Canadian Defense Minister Peter "Pinocchio" MacKay explains the melding of the two most expensive wars in history.

"There's definitely a link between these narcotics and terrorism and by stopping narcotics on the high seas... we know that the financial nodes of terrorism are being attacked."

Well, that's a crock of shit.

The Canadians are ostensibly in the Gulf of Arabia to prevent sea-borne shipments of arms to the Taliban. Whether or not there even are any sea-borne shipments of arms to the Taliban is an open question.

As anyone who follows these matters undoubtedly knows, Afghan poppy production was virtually eliminated under the Taliban. The Taliban are funded lock, stock and oil barrel by fundamentalist elements in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

These are also the folks funding al-Qaeda.

They are close enough to the levers of power in The Kingdom that they do not in any way shape or form need to resort to drugs trafficking to finance their operations.

Their money comes from oil trafficking.

The foolish assertion that this seizure will somehow impact the supply of drugs in Canada is designed to gloss over the fact that the discredited war on drugs regains no legitimacy by being paired with the equally discredited war on terror.

We've been reading variations of this nonsense for long enough now that we know bullshit when we see it.

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