Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jobs of the future: shelf-stockers, shit-wipers, and truck-drivers

That's three-quarters of your "jobs of tomorrow" right there.

Do any of these require post-secondary education?

There are certainly plenty of private "truck driver schools" sucking up government cash to train the gullible for a minimum wage job that can produce a middle-class income if you're willing to put 90 hours a week into it.

And the shit-wipers have their own professional designation now; PSW.

Professional Shit Wiper.

Those are the folks who are going to be changing my adult diaper for minimum wage plus fifty cents an hour not too long hence.

And we all know what shelf-stockers do. Popular opinion says those folks could be paid less, not more.

These are the three occupations with the best prospects in the American economy.

The challenge for the American economy is to turn those occupations into jobs worth doing.

That means the Personal Service Workers, the clerks in the big box stores, and the truck drivers all have to make a decent middle-class wage.

Without working 90 hours a week.

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