Sunday, March 31, 2013

French forces liberate Timbuktu again

Here we go again.

Even though the forces of Hollande the Conqueror liberated Timbuktu back in January, they are liberating it again today.

Nevermind "Operation Spurs for Hollande," this is doomed to be deemed the war of everlasting re-liberation.

(doomed to be deemed? that's a good one! Wonder if that combination has ever been assembled before? Perhaps I have a claim on originality after all?)

What's noteworthy about this French initiative is that it marks a very self-conscious descent into self-parody by the Nations of Virtue. That is as it should be from the folks who brought you Paul de Mann and Jacques Derrida.

To say nothing of the media-savvy twat lurking in the background of every French headline. You know who I'm talking about.

So does he.

Which raises an interesting question. Do the forces of Hollande the Crusader even know that they are repeating history as self-parody?

Or will they chase the invisible forces of evil round and round forever, with an occasional inspirational essay from the great BHL every second or third lap to keep up the morale of the troops, and if not the troops, at least of the imbeciles who keep the troops going round and round?

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