Tuesday, December 8, 2015

About that so-called "backlash" against Donald Trump

Yes, there's a backlash alright, but it's not coming from the grass-roots. It's coming from the corporate media, the Big Politics machine, and the Beltway boffins who have been collectively denouncing Trump ever since he broke open their rigged game.

What has been Trump's latest outrage? You gotta admit, it's right up there with border fences and shipping out 12 million illegals... he's gonna block entry to Muslims! Yup, Trump just came down on the Islamophobia button with both feet.

And who created that Islamophobia button?

Not Donald Trump. No, it's the same corporate media, Beltway bag-lickers, and professional political class, the very people now "outraged" about Trump's outrageousness. Those are the people who have worked gleefully to sow suspicion and fear of everything Muslim for many years.

Those are the folks who turned American politics into a reality show, and they should not be shocked that an authentic reality TV star has hijacked their carefully choreographed political theatre.

You gotta admit, we've come to quite the pass in American culture when the expression "authentic reality TV star" can be used without a hint of irony.

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