Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to make America safe

Truth is, America is already safe. At least when compared to those countries where America is pursuing the War on Terror or the War on Drugs, or, God help them, both at once.

Keeping America safe is a slightly different problem, but that too has an easy answer. Contrary to what you heard ad nauseum this evening from the shit-show in Las Vegas, bombing more Muslims more often is NOT going to result in a safer America.

Far more Americans die at the hands of alienated fellow Americans than at the hands of Muslim terrorists. For that to end would require the reintegration of those alienated Americans back into the fabric of the American mainstream.

That means jobs, housing, healthcare, and hope. For that to happen will require some of those resources currently dedicated to the Ministry of Perpetual War to be redirected to jobs, housing, and healthcare. Did you hear anyone making such a suggestion this evening?

No. Instead, pretty much all you heard were calls for more violence against the very countries America has been meddling in for generations.

That won't keep America safe.

But it will keep the usual war-mongers rolling in profits.

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