Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Whitehall war-mongers carry the day

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to war we go!

That's the song on the lips of the 397 British MPs who today voted for war on Syria. And who can even imagine what glories await? To be sure, none of the 397 toffs who voted for war today will ever find themselves in the line of fire. Perhaps when they see the inevitable video of some hard-luck RAF pilot being burned alive in a cage they will curb their enthusiasm.

Perhaps not.

Such an inevitability would perhaps do nothing other than further inflame the war-lust.

Completely lost on this collection of 397 imbeciles is the fact that acts of war foment acts of retaliation. What acts of Islamic terrorism were recorded in the UK before Tony Blair's cheerful plunge into the Iraq invasion of 2003?


There was of course horrendous retaliation for that act of war, just as the UK can now brace for retaliation for this one.

Why do these war-mongers fail to see the connection between cause and effect?

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  1. I run the "Neer Do Well" blog and have coverage of Mr. Dennis Watson and the 'Gangsters Out' blog. I am not exactly HA friendly but I would never openly lie about them. Mr. Dennis Watson is a different story.