Monday, December 21, 2015

Some thoughts on the warmest winter in memory

So this is global warming?

I was kind of OK with this narrative about how fossil fuels are destroying the climate, till I heard that some sharpies at Goldman Sachs had figured out that something called a "carbon tax" would help set things right.

That's where the over-polluters buy carbon credits from lesser polluters, and it's all good because GS will be having their sticky fingers all over this little global carbon credit exchange thingy.

Sounds like the fat kid paying the anorexic kid hush money so he can keep gorging.

This has in fact been the softest winter in memory, at least so far. That could change yet.

By contrast, the last two winters were among the harshest ever.

Which proves nothing.

Which is why you need to scratch your head when you hear that the Rumpelstiltskins at Goldman Sachs have figured out a way to stop climate change.

After a thorough review of the peer-vetted sources, I've come to the conclusion that climate has been changing as long as this little marble of misery we inhabit has had a climate.

For instance, I'm told that here in southern Ontario, ten thousand years ago, the snow was piled up miles deep.

There must have been a whack of climate change to make all that snow melt. And it melted way before the fossil fuel era and the industrial age.

So there's nothing new about climate change.

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