Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Duffy and the born-again Christians

You have to feel for the Duffster. There he was, most loyal lap-dog in Big Steve's kennel, being totally hung out to dry when the optics of his expense claims suddenly made him a liability.

That has to cut deep.

What did he expect? To hear him tell it in court today, he expected a little loyalty back, according to the CBC. And not just loyalty, but empathy, honesty, and perhaps even a bit of mercy. After all, he was dealing with a crew of "born-again Christians," and why would he expect less from that lot than he would expect from Jesus himself, and after all, wasn't Jesus all about truth and love and forgiveness?

Well yes; if you read the Sermon on the Mount you might think so, but Big Steve's Alliance Church Mafia were cut from stiffer cloth than that. Take a gander at their "Vision Prayer" and you'll get a sense of what sort of religious nutters were running the country for the last ten years. These are hard-core Christian Zionists; they're to Christianity what the Taliban are to Islam.

Here's hoping Duff does better with Justice Vaillancourt than Christ did with Pontius Pilate.

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