Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Does any serious person imagine Trump actually wants to live the day to day reality of POTUS?

Donald Trump seems to more or less say what he wants to say, do what he wants to do, whenever it crosses his mind to say or do it.

And that pretty much sums up his life, not just his election campaign.

So what if this campaign is just a charade? A smart media insider so used to playing the outlier that he's gonna have a crack at the big table. Just because he appreciates the art of flim-flam.

Why not?

The POTUS role is very tightly scripted. Donald Trump, entertainment industry veteran, wouldn't last three months.

If he's not assassinated first, he'd have to resign to save his sanity. Three months in he'd say goodbye, losers.

Then he'd head back to his charmed life where he gets to do whatever he wants, because after all, he's rich.

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