Friday, December 18, 2015

The manifold blessings of a shitty education

Does anybody else wonder why the world's only super-power has a Third-World-calibre education system?

This is not by accident; this is what America's ruling class aims for in educational outcomes. After all, if American schools were serious about graduating informed citizens with real critical thinking skills, the status quo would be toppled into the dustbin of history within a generation.

Good-bye to billion dollar per year hedge fund bosses.

Farewell to trillion dollar wars that do nothing but create more enemies and enrich the plutocrats.

Adios to politicians who represent the patricians and piss all over the working folks.

The Citizens United ruling would have been met with rioting in the streets if America had an informed working class.

Mitt Romney would have been tarred, feathered, and laughed out of town when he made that utterly obnoxious comment about corporations being people too.

Hello to a livable minimum wage.

Hello to universal health care.

Hello to the end of homelessness...

Clearly, these aren't outcomes that America's ruling class would want to encourage.

Hence the never-ending downward spiral in America's educational attainments.

After all, it's the promotion of ignorance on a systemic scale that makes stories like this possible.

Some well-meaning high-school teacher in Augusta County down in Virginia had her World Geography class copy out some Arabic calligraphy. Some well-meaning parent operating on the "see something say something" principle saw Muslim indoctrination and said so on her Facebook page...

Well, the outpouring of outrage was such that the school district shut down because of the deluge of incoming hate mail.

Seriously folks, is this what America has become?

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