Thursday, December 31, 2015

All dressed up and too many places to go

So some folks I know from the way-back machine are gonna celebrate their daughter's big day down in Aruba!

Yup, Johnny K's daughter be gettin' hitched down in Aruba!

If you're a regular customer here at the Falling Downs blog, it won't take long to figure out who I'm talking about. Since this blog has virtually no regular readers, I figure we're good to go!

Now no wedding I've ever had an invite to ever involved an invite to some miscellaneous Caribbean state.

That should be your first red flag right there.

Nevertheless, that's got a coolness factor among a certain percentile of the beautiful people.

"Ya, I got married in Aruba..."

So Johnny K's dear daughter had the big day in front of her, and had 150 folks coming down from Canada to partake of the festivities, and...

Can't say I know anything about the particulars, but it seems like she made an executive decision at the last moment... as in; "I'm not fucking doing this!"

So she left 150 wannabe revellers sitting in Aruba pulling their wires.

Hope my old pal Johnny gives his dear daughter a big hug and tells her it's gonna be OK.

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