Thursday, December 31, 2015

New study validates Doctor Kipling's theory about heart disease link to erectile dysfuntion

A few years ago I attended, for a few months, a private clinic specializing in heart health.

It was my old pal Kipling who convinced me I was wasting my money. I was so impressed with his impeccable logic I never went back.

To the clinic, that is. Instead, I went back to red wine, reefer, and bacon. Not to mention real cheese, not that 4% BF shit the clinic recommended. Touch wood, I been holding up pretty good so far.

The gist of Doctor Kipling's theory is thus; if you don't suffer from ED, it means all those wee blood vessels in your dick are working OK, ergo, it's reasonable to assume that all those little blood vessels in your other organs are probably hunky-dory too!

Now, as much as I love Doctor Kipling, he's not actually a "real" doctor, so I treat his pronouncements with a dose of skepticism. I mean, this is a guy who takes a smoke break in the middle of his ten mile morning jog.

But now his theory appears to have been vindicated. Some legitimate medical researchers in Poland have pretty much told the world exactly what Doctor Kipling told me over three years ago!

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