Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Big demand for "hunting" guns in Libya

Must say we were a tad sceptical a week ago when the story came out about the 800 Winchester Defenders found in the back of a truck en route from Turkey to Belgium. We were especially sceptical about the authorities' downplaying the possibility that these guns were destined to find themselves in the hands of terrorists; no, not these guns... these are hunting guns! Suuuure!

Well, lo and behold, that wasn't the first time a shipment of shotguns left Turkey with dodgy paperwork and a dubious destination. Seems just a couple of months prior, Greek authorities uncrated a whopping 5,000 Winchester shotguns stashed aboard a tramp freighter on its way to Misrata, Libya.

Not to mention a half-million rounds of ammo!

Seems those Islamist radicals are getting into skeet shooting and pheasant hunting in a big way!

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