Sunday, December 13, 2015

Forget global warming; Mother Nature gonna win this war!

Lotsa hoopla over the Paris "agreement."

Yup, almost 200 nation-states agreed... human-caused warming is bad. What we'll do about it remains uncertain. Shuffle sacks of cash to less developed countries to indemnify them for their losses. Sorry brown people; you can't just pollute willy-nilly like us smart white folks did. Here, have some cash...

Global warming.

It's a fact.

They tell me that here in this World Biosphere Heritage Site where I live, that twenty thousand years ago the snow was two miles deep. Yup, glaciers covered the northern reaches of the Americas.

Twenty thousand years later, it looks like we won't be having snow for Christmas this year. And that's due to global warming.

And this is all due to the invention of the internal combustion engine and the discovery of oil as a fuel for that engine?

Those two-mile-thick glaciers were long gone before either of those innovations appeared on the scene. Long gone by at least five or ten thousand years.

So it is abundantly obvious that the climate was warming long before we helped warm it even more.

And you know what? Mother Nature could not possibly care less. That last 150 years is not even a blink to Mother Nature. No, she's on a completely different time-table than Al Gore and rest of the climate alarmists.

Worst case scenario, here's how it'll shake out. In spite of our best efforts, as exemplified by that toothless Paris agreement being praised to high heaven today, we'll continue to burn fossil fuels and choke ourselves to death.

For real!

But humanity will survive in the valleys and peaks out of the path of the jet-stream. As the great cities and the great nations succumb to their climate-killing money lust, pockets of outliers will survive and thrive.

As will Mother Nature.

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