Thursday, December 3, 2015

Texting ticket at Tim's drive-thru

Canada was rocked by the news this week that one AJ Doust scored a $287 fine for texting in the Timmies drive-thru in Beaumont Alberta.

Yup, texting in the drive-thru.

That's why we pay those Mounties $100,000 per year; so they can bust the scallywags texting in the Timmies drive-thru. Because there is absolutely nothing better for the RCMP to do in Beaumont Alberta.

Timmie Nation was properly perplexed, but thank God Larry Fedoruk came along to do the 'splainin for the RCMP. Larry wants us to know that the perp was "steering with his knees while texting with both hands" in that drive-thru...

Frankly, anybody working that hard to ingratiate themselves with the RCMP probably has something to hide.

And how hard is it to inch your car ahead a few feet every thirty seconds? Do you even need your knees?

Anyway, according to our man Fedoruk, other folks in that "drive-thru" were aghast that someone might be texting, and waved their arms in the air to alert our intrepid Mountie to the audacious law-breaker in their midst...

Sounds like bullshit to me.

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