Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's official; US troops back in Iraq

That's the word from Defence Secretary Ash Carter today. You'll be gobsmacked to read that this is part of a "virtuous cycle!"

Of course it is. What's really scary is how little time it's taken for the Pentagon bigs to forget how America's previous foray into Iraq ended...

Nope, everything old is new again!

Note too that this latest contingent of an unknown number of American boots to hit the ground in Iraq will also reserve the right to operate "unilaterally" in Syria. Think about how Americans would respond if some other country abrogated unto itself the right to operate their military unilaterally in the US.

Not a lot of Americans would see that as having anything to do with a "virtuous cycle." In fact, I'm pretty sure most folks would see it as a declaration of war.

And here's the best part of today's story; the Iraqis did not ask for and do not want these US troops. Guess they see a vicious circle where Carter sees a virtuous cycle... and they should know.

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