Wednesday, December 23, 2015

About those "World Juniors"

Had to watch my man Tristan Thompson tonight in the Cavs-Knicks game, and I thought he acquitted himself rather well. Game done, I'm casting about for something else that might hold my interest, and I happen upon the World Junior Hockey Championship, coming to me from Albania or some friggin' place where the fans can't afford tickets to the World Junior Hockey Championship.

It's Canada vs Sweden, and by God if that game was in Canada, I swear, that arena would be sold out! As it is, they're playing in what appears to be a 99.9% empty arena!

I checked it out a couple of times while the Cavs were still on, and last I saw, it was 5-1 Canada. Then I come back fifteen minutes later, and it's tied up at 6???

What the hell goes on here?

Apparently the game is coming from some place called Hellstinky, which I think may be the capital of Khazikastan if I'm not mistaken, so I take back that diss on Albania. The Albanians would probably at least be able to fill the arena.

Speaking of which, back in my hockey days when I played tier VI industrial league in Guelph, we had more folks in the stands, 12 to 15 most games, than they have in Hellstinky for the friggin' World Juniors! That's just not right!

They should get Al Eagleson out of jail or out of his retirement home to organize the next World Juniors. At least the stands would be filled.

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