Friday, August 26, 2016

Big Steve hangs up political hat to surf the big waves of corporate cronyism

Yup, Big Steve done paid his dues, and intends to cash in with the "next stage" of his career; Harper and Associates Consulting.

Given that Mr. Harper and his government devoted so much time, energy, money, and misleading press releases during his ten year tenure to "helping women and girls" in the less fortunate parts of the planet, do we expect him to use this consultancy to advise non-profits on how to help those unfortunates even more?

Frankly, I don't think Harper's next stage is about altruism. It's about filling his pockets, a la Phoney Tony Blair. Mind you, it's unlikely that he'll ever be able to scale things to the level that Mr. Blair has. A lot of Blair's cachet among third world despots hinges on the illusion that the White House returns Tony's calls, something that nobody would remotely believe about Mr. Harper.

Nevertheless, there are reasons for optimism. Anybody who ever dug a little deeper into those many programs to help women and girls in the less fortunate nations inevitably came to the conclusion that these programs were more about helping Canadian and international agribusiness and big pharma. I mean, it's not that the Harper gang were lying; after all, women and girls everywhere need food and medicine.

So while Big Steve may never reach the heights of influence peddling that Big Tony commands, he's gonna do just fine!

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