Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to end the scourge of Islamist terror once and for all

The word is out that the USA has met its 2016 quota of admitting 10,000 Muslim refugees.

That's approximately 10,000 too many for a lot of folks, and you know, I can't say I blame them for feeling that way.

All told, about 2.5 million Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They know better than anyone what we did to those people. If you're one of the many who snapped souvenir pics of naked Iraqi men piled high in humiliation at Abu Ghraib, would you want to risk the possibility that one of the survivors is now a refugee and has moved in down the block?

I didn't think so.

And isn't it inevitable, especially in an Arab culture that's at least as eye-for-eye as the Hatfields and the McCoys,  that some poor refugee from Falluja, who lost his family to an American drone strike or an American Hellfire missile or just the random target shooting of some random American "contractor," might want to settle the score once he washes up in America with refugee status?

Well, they're all around you now...

But there is good news!

Here's how to get those people to stop hating our freedoms; stop bombing them and invading them and killing their kids and overthrowing their leaders and stealing their resources.

That should do it!

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