Friday, August 12, 2016

Canada's belief in "Free Trade" is faith-based, not fact-based

I used to work at Dayton Steel. That's gone. Not sure if it's gone because of NAFTA or because one of the Walther boys squandered the family fortune in pursuit of Indy car dreams.

Worked at Budd Automotive. Gone.

Worked at the General Electric plant in Guelph back in the day. Gone.

Worked at Dresser in Cambridge. Gone.

Worked at Frankel Steel, where we fabbed up the steel for World Trade Center 7. Gone.

Had buddies who worked at Imperial Tobacco (gone) and Engel (gone).

Gone gone gone...

But the fucking twats who write bullshit in the national newspaper of record still insist that NAFTA was good for us?

Check out David Parkinson's piece in the national newspaper of record yesterday.

Get the fuck outta here.

Our jobs are gone gone gone and David Parkinson is peddling bullshit.

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