Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mboh Gotha explodes last 50 years of anti-tobacco propaganda

Seems they recently found the world's oldest man in Indonesia. They even got a photo of him.

world oldest man, java world oldest man, oldest person in the world record, oldest man wants to die, 145 years oldest man, trending news, world news, latest newsThey even got a picture of old Mboh, and it shows him puffing on a cigarette!

That's gotta be the biggest win for Big Tobacco since 90 - something Helmut Schmidt gave them this boost:

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (pictured in Frankfurt in 2009) has died at the age of 96 despite smoking 60 cigarettes a day since he was a teenager

So if you wanna live to 90 or even 145, start smoking those cigarettes now, kids!

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