Thursday, August 11, 2016


So let's assume you're an unhappy kid who hates your parents in spite of all their best intentions.

And just because they had the best intentions doesn't mean their parenting efforts were anything other than an epic fail. Hey, I'm old enough now to have been on both sides of that epic fail!

Kids can get depressed.

You're bummed out and suicide-by-cop starts looking like a plausible strategy.

After all, if you play it right, this could make you famous...

Posthumously, of course.

But that's way better than going out without a trace.

I think it's self evident that a certain percentage of the population would find the above scenario appealing.

In fact, we find proof of that in our headlines almost every day.

There will always be depressed and suicidal young men among us for myriad reasons, but there is no reason to incentivise their worst impulses with the prospect of posthumous fame.

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