Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald and Hillary; a match made in... error?

I see where the erstwhile liberals at the VOX website have finally seen fit to suggest that maybe the Donald and Hillary show is just that, a show.

The think tank here at Falling Downs has been kicking that concept around for awhile now. Nice to see the mainstream folks catching up!

After all, anybody who looks at the two candidates squarely and fairly will realize that Donald is the liberal and Hillary is way off to his right wing.

Would Donald the semi-successful condo developer agree to run interference for these up-starts from Arkansas?

I don't see why he wouldn't. We know Donald is a rank opportunist, and being the muse behind the Queen of Chaos would have to qualify as a virulently rank opportunity, if nothing else.

Maybe the original plan has been outpaced by circumstances. I mean, no serious person in America every imagined that Trump would actually clinch the GOP nomination. I would guess that both Hillary and Donald would be included in that "no serious person in America" conglomeration.

So Donald J. Trump agreed with his pals, the Clintons, that he'd take a run at the GOP nomination, just to stir up shit and make things complicated. In the course of so doing, Trump accidentally hit the mother-lode of anti-establishment venom.

That mother-lode has proved to be deeper and more venomous than either  Donald or the Clintons could have imagined. Now the imperial couple have a problem; Donald loves the Clintons, he really has no interest whatsoever in being president, but he's got a huge swath of America that's bought into his schtick and wants to make him POTUS.

That's quite a mind-fuck, is it not?

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