Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Brazil edges into lead in "race to the bottom"

That's been quite the shit-show going on in Brazil, has it not?

I'm not talking about the Olympics.

I'm talking about the unprecedented effort to remove a democratically elected president.

A senate utterly stuffed to the brim with corrupt oligarchs has managed to impeach the country's most honest president in a generation?

And check out the road ahead in this story. Yup, nothing but austerity ahead for the good (working) folks of Brazil!

Nothing but clear sailing ahead for the oligarchs once the impertinent bitch Rousseff is out of the way!

If you paid any attention at all to the reportage around the Olympics, you would have noticed that the vast majority of Brazilians are so fucking impoverished they'd barely notice another round of austerity. They live in technically illegal favelas and at least got to see the Olympic fireworks. From a distance, of course.

This state of affairs is as usual encouraged from the beltway, where the last few years of flirtation with workers' rights in Brazil has been viewed as anathema, to say the least.

Goodbye Rousseff, welcome back business as usual!

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