Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Axis of Evil redux

You remember when W introduced us to the Axis of Evil. Ya, that was the brainchild of a certain Canadian speech-writer whose speech-writing contract went for a shit soon after.

At the time, the "Axis of Evil" was comprised of Iran and Iraq and North Korea.

But we've got a far more evil axis in play today...

Yup; the Ruskies have joined up.

And not only that, but our erstwhile democratic ally the wily Erdogan seems to be swiftly slipping into the club too.

And who can blame him... I mean the coup that was not a coup and definitely had nothing to do with Gulen, well, shit happens.

Just because shit happens doesn't automatically mean that Uncle Sam is pulling the strings behind the scenes, does it?

Of course not!

The fact that Fethullah Gulen has been cooling his heels a couple hours drive north of The Farm for the past twenty years doesn't mean a damned thing!

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