Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canada looking to shoulder bigger share of White Man's Burden

According to the lead story on the front page of my Globe and Mail today, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan is off on an eight-day fact-finding mission over in the Dark Continent. I know, you can probably find out all the facts you'd ever need from the comfort and safety of your keyboard, but as we've noted before, Mr. Sajjan is a hands-on kinda guy, so lets cut him some slack.

Purpose of the mission? To find out where and how Canada can contribute a military presence to buff up its international brand. Writer Steven Chase points out that Canada's participation in "peace-keeping" missions has pretty much gone to nothing over the past twenty-five years, and now that we've got that spunky pothead Justin at the helm, we want the world to know WE'RE BACK!!!

And what better venue to burnish the brand than the Dark Continent? Just check out the Defence Minister's itinerary:

  • Congo
  • Mali
  • Central African Republic
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
In every case, a country where the savages are tearing apart their fellow savages or the savages next door, or even the savages two or three doors over! One thing that's for sure is that the savages need intervention from the Nations of Virtue in order to keep them from one another's throats, and what better intervenor could there possibly be than the most virtuous of the Nations of Virtue, Canada?

And if I'm not mistaken, every one of those benighted nations is host to one or more Canadian mining companies, busily providing development for the local ingrates with absolutely no thanks whatsoever. In fact, there is a wide swath of opinion in the Dark Continent that holds Western promises of "development" are just a cover for a loot-and-plunder agenda!

Who can even imagine such a thing?

The fact that Canada would seek out such a mission in the face of that kind of rancid cynicism speaks volumes about our altruism. Yup, we're gonna put troops on the ground and restore law and order whether the savages appreciate it or not. 

And, just between me and you, don't be surprised if our "peacekeepers" end up based in close proximity to our mining interests.

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