Friday, August 12, 2016

Hey Justin, what about affordable housing?

So what has POTHEAD accomplished since his coronation almost a year ago? Aside from photo-bombing tourist pics from coast to coast and showing off his abs, pretty much nothing.

While he's been busy with that, real estate values in two of Canada's most important cities have gone up another 500% or whatever. Both Toronto and Vancouver now sport average house prices well over a million dollars, and minimum wages well under twelve dollars per hour.

This turns the myth of social mobility into a complete joke, especially when you consider that a goodly slice of those min wage worker bees have university degrees in useless shit that their high school guidance counsellors steered them into... when they would have been far better off with an HVAC ticket or something along those lines. Those guidance counsellors bought their homes thirty or forty years ago, so it's no skin off their butts, but it's creating a generation of over-educated and under-employed bright young folks who are pissed off with the system.

And maybe in the long run that will be a good thing.

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