Monday, August 1, 2016

What are the top news stories in America as Erdogan seizes 90 nuclear warheads at Incirlik?

I've done my morning review of the mainstream news. The two stories vying for top headline news status are, in no particular order;

- Is Donald Trump insensitive? Has he finally gone too far in hurting the feelings of the Khan family?

- Is Hillary dishonest? Were her Sunday media interviews an exercise in creative bullshitting?

Yes, those are the stories the American public must grapple with today.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the wily Erdogan has for all practical purposes had a lock on some unknown number of US nukes since July 15. Oddly enough, a number of fighter aircraft involved in the short-lived coup attempt on that date flew in and out of Incirlik that night.


And let's not forget that Erdogan, and Erdogan alone, decides how many Syrian refugees will walk to the EU this year.

Seems to me that should be a way bigger story than Trump's insensitivity or Clinton's dishonesty.

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