Friday, August 12, 2016

Me and Frank

There's actually been quite a number of "Franks" in my life.

The mafia guy.

The other mafia guy.

The Austrian guy who scaled the drill press in his garage into a world class automotive parts outfit.

Yup, I've rubbed elbows with all those Franks.

DP's and Bohunks of all stripes... and maybe I get a free pass because I'm one of them!

Me and the Franks probably disagree on a few things... but I'm also pretty sure we agree on some very basic shit.

You get off the boat.

You shut the fuck up.

You work your ass off...

You take it from there.

A couple of generations later your kids and grand-kids are doctors and lawyers and university professors and, god forbid, even politicians!

That's how things work.

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