Monday, August 1, 2016

Five years after we liberated Libya, we're liberating them again!

Yup, more US bombs to liberate the people of Libya!

I have a hunch we're gonna keep liberating those benighted folks as long as they've got a single drop of oil in the ground.

Note that we're specifically liberating Sirte, supposedly an ISIS stronghold. But, check out the last few lines of this story from Al Jazeera from a few days ago. Sirte was already liberated!

I have another hunch that the story behind the story is that things aren't going according to script for America's bumboy du jour, General Haftar. It's now come out that at least four of the Nations of Virtue, US, UK, France, and Italy, all have boots on the ground in support of the good General.

You will recall that General Haftar cut short a cosy twenty-year retirement in Virginia to return to his homeland and fight for... the people? ...the oil? ...the USA?

Nobody knows... but it's clear that when General Haftar calls in missile strikes, the USAF answers the call.

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