Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pot-addled hillbilly blogger meets modern medicine. Again.

The regular reader (hi to both of you!) will recall my consternation when my regular GP of 30 plus years sold her practice to a young upstart.

But I gotta say, I think he's won me over the same way she did; by trying to save me from myself.

Dr. Teenblum has been busy on my BP file. Had me drive all the way down to Guelph to have me kitted out with a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring rig. Yup, for 24 hours I got to walk around with tubes and wires hanging out under my shirt-tails.

That was a bit awkward when I went for dinner at the new Mandarin restaurant that just opened up down there. More than once my tubes and wires got entangled with random dining room furniture when I was making my way to my table with the latest instalment of buffet food.

But today I drove back there to have my 24 hour BP monitor removed, and the technician charged with this was kind enough to share the findings with me.

Turns out that over a 24 hour span my BP is pretty close to normal.

There were some aberrations however.

The technician wondered why there was a sudden rise in BP about 8:30 this morning... right around the time me and the Farm Manager were doing the oinky boinky.

I feigned ignorance on that one.

Then there was the sudden drop in BP at 10:15 in the evening.

She's looking at the spreadsheet with bepuzzlement... finally, I get "did anything happen around 10:15 last night that might account for this sudden drop in blood pressure?"

Figured I might as well fess up; "I smoked a joint."

Ya, I admitted to a medical professional that I self-medicated with marijuana.

And now I have scientific proof from the medical establishment that doing so caused my BP to plummet.

There's an obvious solution to how I might get my BP readings lower all day long...

Smoke more pot!

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