Thursday, May 31, 2012


Buy now, thank me later.

The long slow death spiral of Research In Motion has created a buying opportunity. It's in the ten dollar range, and ten and lower makes for some interesting upside opportunities.

Yes they've been losing market share, especially in the fad-driven North American market, and that's more than reflected in the share price. But they still make a solid product.

And they're about more than market share. RIM sits on substantial cash reserves and judging by what the Nortel auction got for their intellectual property, RIM's patent bank is on its own worth several times the current market cap.

The founders long ago lost interest in their creation, preferring instead to play the role of public philanthropists and would-be sports tycoons. At ten bucks a share RIM is a juicy target for a hedge to take over and part out, or for a tech company that wants a presence in the phone market, like Facebook.

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