Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OMG!!! Kitten-killing snuff artist only three degrees of separation from my cat!

Turns out this porn star dude in Montreal who is suspected of making a snuff video and posting body parts to political parties is only three degrees of separation removed from Chloe!

Chloe is the aging anti-social house-cat here at Falling Downs. The woman I got her from told me Chloe got fixed at the Burlington vet clinic her daughter worked in.

And guess who else worked at that vet clinic? Karla Homolka! The infamous school-girl killer who was released in 2005.

And guess who Karla dated after her release?

Rocco Magnotta, the suspect in this body-parts snuff-film case that's grabbing big headlines all over the world.

Chloe doesn't even know how close she was to being famous. This Rocco chap was already on the radar as the notorious You-tube kitten killer.

This story has it all, I tell you.

The only thing more headline-worthy than a porn star is a GAY porn star.

The only thing more vile than killing people is killing kittens.

This story has legs!

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