Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kings vs. Devils; what's to cheer for?

I have to go for the personal connection every time.

Junior went to high school with Drew Doughty down in Guelph.

I'm sure they were never actually classmates because Junior pretty much set the record for skipping classes, a record I set back in the '70's, so even if he and Drew were in the same class Junior would never know about it.

Truth be told, I think Junior eclipsed my truancy records at the GCVI.

But I come at this question from another angle.

I gotta cheer for the old guy.

Whenever Mark Martin enters a NASCAR race he's the only guy on my radar.

Whenever a 40 year old or more pitcher gets a start or a close in the bigs, that's the side I'm rooting for.

And when a 40 year old goalie makes it into the Stanley Cup finals, it goes without saying...

Go Devils!

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