Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thanking veterans by picking their pockets

Since the 1990's the Canadian government has had a policy of clawing back the Veterans' disability benefits of former soldiers who also get long-term disability befefits.

These are the folks who have given limbs and more in service to their country, and this is how our country pays them back.

A group of veterans launced a class action against the government in 2007. For five years the government fought the veterans through the court system, finally losing in a judgement handed down by the Federal Court earlier this month.

Today the Department of National Defence announced that they would not appeal that judgement. After doing everything in their power to withold proper pensions from their veterans, this is how they framed today's announcement;

“Today's decision ensures that our Government's strong record of delivering for our men and women in uniform continues to meet the needs of those who need these benefits,” said Minister MacKay. “The Government acted in support of our members, past and present, because we believe that it is the right thing to do.”

Isn't that some great lying weasel-speak in there? The government "action" Mackay is referring to is the decision not to appeal the court ruling.

As for the "strong record of delivering for our men and women in uniform", I believe that the record shows they've been deliberately screwing the men and women in uniform for years.

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