Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bibi's latest peace initiative: let Gaza drown in its own sewage

Experts were warning more than five years ago that the Gaza sewage treatment system was grossly inadequate for the demands placed upon it. Even then, tens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage were being pumped into the Mediterranean every day.

Perhaps realizing that that is the same Mediterranean that the Chosen People like to frolic in at vacation time, the Israeli government has recently denied Gaza the diesel fuel required to run the generators that run the pumps that can pump the sewage away.

From the Likud perspective this is a win-win. Not only is sewage being kept out of the Mediterranean, but the citizens of Gaza are being taught yet another sharp lesson on why they should turn their backs on their Hamas leaders!

They can ponder this lesson till they drown in their own sewage.

This crime against basic human decency is being waged with the full connivance of the Egyptian military junta that seized power from the democratically elected Morsi last July, and also with the full connivance of the Palestinian Authority, those shameless collaborators who will stoop to any depths to best their Hamas rivals.

This disgusting strategy to bully the Palestinians of Gaza will no doubt have the same result as every previous heavy-handed Israeli tactic.

The radicals in Gaza will be strengthened, and Israel will end up with yet another PR fiasco in the court of world public opinion.

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