Thursday, November 28, 2013

Canada crucifies pot-smoking Mountie

Ron Francis is a veteran RCMP officer who happens to have a medical marijuana prescription.

According to Francis, and obviously the prescribing physician agrees, he needs the pot to treat his post traumatic stress.

No less an authority than Justice Minister Peter MacKay has chimed in to denounce Cpl. Francis. MacKay has just recently taken over the Justice file, having spent many years as Canada's Minister of Defence. Ironically, the recent suicides of three Canadian Forces members has pushed PTSD into the Canadian news pages as never before.

The latter story points out that the last 70 suicides in the Canadian Forces, most of which occurred on the watch of Peter MacKay, have never been adequately investigated.

Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder responsible for this wave of suicides?

Mr. MacKay obviously doesn't think so.

The official line of the law-and-order fetishists in Ottawa is this; suicides of servicemen and cops are a regrettable inevitability.

Smoking a legal physician-prescribed marijuana cigarette to manage your PTSD will not be tolerated.

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