Tuesday, November 19, 2013

John Baird's super-busy week of hypocrisy

The ever-blustery John Baird announced today that the Canadian taxpayer would contribute ten millions to combat cluster bombs.

You will note in the third paragraph of the link that our principled stand on cluster munitions will on no account be allowed to cast a shadow over our relations with our cluster-bomb-loving best friends and allies, the USA.

Nor does anyone expect our principled stand against cluster munitions to impact in any way our relations with our cluster-bomb-loving besties in Israel, who of course have the inalienable right to defend themselves by saturating southern Lebanon's farm fields and olive groves with cluster bombs.

A few days ago Baird shared the podium at a presser in Kazakhstan with that country's foreign minister, and waxed wise on the shared aspirations of our two great nations. Any serious review of human rights in Kazakhstan concludes that it is a democracy in name only and that its overall human rights record is pretty much right down there with the worst of the worst, BUT HOT DAMN, ARE THEY EVER OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

That's the kind of shared values that Canada can take a principled stand on.

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