Tuesday, November 26, 2013

George Soros steps up to the plate for the Roma

You have to admit, that George Soros chap has a pretty big heart for a billionaire.

Here he is in The Guardian batting for the creation of a Roma working class. Apparently Romany well-being is not some recent infatuation for George; he's been supporting Roma causes for over a quarter century.

George is all about training up Romany youth for job opportunities in their eastern European homelands.

Great idea!

Let's see... Slovakia has a youth unemployment rate of 31%. Strike one!

Bulgaria has a youth unemployment rate of 28%.

Strike two!

And in Hungary youth unemployment stands at a mere 26.9%.

I think you're onto a great idea there, George, but you just struck out. It ain't just the Romany who need jobs... IT'S EVERYBODY!!!

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