Sunday, November 10, 2013

Netanyahu urges caution over Iran nuke deal

When I noticed the Israeli PM was going to be on Face the Nation I immediately thought, great!.. we're going to get an update on how those peace talks are going with the Palestinians, straight from the horse's mouth!

Alas, it was not to be. Guest host Nora O'Donnell steered clear of the pesky Palestinian question and instead quizzed the PM on his thoughts about the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

As journalism goes, this was an exercise in redundancy. Is it possible than anyone on the planet does not already know Netanyahu's thinking on the question of Iran's nuclear programme? After all, Netanyahu is practically the grandfather of the Iranian nuke scare, having first raised the alarm that Iranian scientists were months away from a nuclear weapon more than twenty years ago.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu's advice to the Western negotiators in Switzerland is well worth heeding. Lets not rush into anything. Just as Israel has avoided rushing back to those pre '67 borders for over 45 years, so the NATO negotiating team should take their time easing sanctions on Iran.

While it is always drollery of the highest order to hear Netanyahu invoke the sanctity of UN resolutions, I have to say I'm with him on this one. Iran would not be the first country in history to claim its nuclear energy program is for peaceful purposes only, until one day, SURPRISE!

Netanyahu knows whereof he speaks.

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