Sunday, November 10, 2013

Here's why Hollande the Conqueror suddenly remembered he couldn't trust Iran

There they were in Geneva, all the NATO big dogs meeting with the Persians, hammering out a long-sought-after agreement to curb their nuclear development efforts. With the exception of Netanyahu dashing madly from one news conference to another delivering the same anti-Iranian rant, things were going swimmingly.

Then this fly landed in the ointment. France suffers ratings downgrade! Mon dieu! Just as France is shopping for a five-billion euro loan to pay for a bank bailout!

Bad enough that the forces of Hollande the Conqueror have been sweeping the Islamists out of Goa every other week for nearly a year, but now their credit rating has been bashed!

Hmmm... where to get hands on five billion euros now? Luckily, Hollande the Accountant remembered that four of the world's top ten sovereign wealth funds belong to Sunni fiefdoms in the Gulf! Who do those Sunnis hate even more than Jews?

The Shia!


Maybe if I can throw a spanner into these talks, they'll overlook this business about our credit rating?...

And before you can say "spurs and low-interest loans for Hollande," the French delegation announced that they just simply couldn't bring themselves to trust Iran.

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