Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bill 60 and the short slippery slope to Krystalnacht

There they are, those Muslim gals with their brood of half a dozen pre-schoolers. Some white busy-body took enough umbrage over this that they snapped a picture and up-loaded it to Facebook, so the entire world can see that some Quebec children are left in the care of women who walk around wearing black bedsheets.

Outside of the context of Bill 60 this would be a mildly engrossing human interest photo. It speaks volumes about diversity, care, empathy, tolerance... all the good stuff. It's a beautiful picture! The brown and white parents of these tykes obviously are comfortable leaving their offspring in the care of Islamic women who wear the niqab.

That was nobody else's business until the aforementioned busybody took it upon herself to stir up a bit of mischief. Apparently the above pic has unleashed a torrent of cyber-hate. The groundwork for that hate has been carefully prepared by the PQ, who hope to gain votes by stirring racial hatred.

Let's hope they're voted into the dustbin of history at the next election.

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