Saturday, November 2, 2013

Canada's EU "Free Trade" deal to create 80,000 jobs - for Europeans

Big Steve came back from Brussels a week ago chuffed that a free trade deal with the EU was all but a done deal. Borrowing a line from Lyin' Brian's playbook, he deflected any questions about the secret deal by reciting the mantra "jobs jobs jobs".

We've heard that before.

CTV News got their hands on an internal EU document that should give all Canadians pause. Aside from giving away the store on agricultural quotas and generic drugs, Big Steve is prepared to open the floodgates to foreign workers. Here's a quote from the story;

"For the first time, Canadian provinces and municipalities will open their procurement to a foreign partner, going well beyond what Canada has offered (before)."
The document says the issue was particularly difficult to negotiate and was unresolved until both sides gave on the issue of rolling stock for public-transport systems.
Ontario and Quebec accepted a substantially lower local content exclusion to 25 per cent, and to expand the concept of "local content" to "local value," and to include labour, assembly and maintenance in what EU suppliers can provide.

Read more:

Note the last sentence; labour, assembly and maintenance are included in what EU suppliers can supply. In other words, if a Spanish company wins the contract to deliver a turn-key subway to Toronto, some or all of the work can be done by workers that company imports from Spain.

This will make the TFW boondoggle look like small potatoes. With an official unemployment rate of over 25% Spain has what is known in neolib circles as a "flexible" workforce, ie lots of folks desperate to work for next to nothing.

This will of course help the spoiled Canadian workers see the error of their ways when they demand a so-called "living" wage. That's an oxy-moron to begin with; if you're alive you're obviously making a living wage. The end game for Harper and the rest of the apostles of globalization is to have total labour mobility.

A level playing field.

Tighten your belts - it's a long way to the bottom.

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