Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grampa's secrets

Got to know Barnard because he was the grampa of one of my ex's.

Old Irishman.


Him and his bride, a Heintzman, met while working at a piano factory. Or at least that was one of the stories I heard.

Barnard went on to become a professional hard wares salesman, travelling across and around the province of Ontario paying sales calls to hardware stores in towns and cities large and small. A life straight out of Robertson Davies.

Or Alice.

She does owe him a rather large debt.

He legitimized south Ontario as a world worthy of literature.

But I digress.

So Bernie McMahon marries this Heintzman gal and they buy a brand new house in the charming town of Preston, sometime in the 1920's, when they were both in their twenties. Bernie musta done good in his sales world. He came to be a pillar-of-the-community type. On the school board, big deal at the Knights, etc.

Bernie and his bride raise two beautiful daughters in that house. Both of the daughters were exceptionally talented, and were minor local TV celebrities before they hit their teens!

........... more soon.

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