Friday, November 15, 2013

Bullying the big fat bully

There is no question that Rob Ford is a bully. He bullied his way on to city council, and he bullied his way into the mayoralty.

When pictures like the above show up on the front page of the Toronto Star, what are they doing?

They are bullying the bully.

He is a big fat misogynistic slob.

We can relentlessly expose his every foible.

Apparently that's OK when you are the voice of liberal Canada. We can bully Rob Ford because he is a bully. There has been way too little comment on the bullying of Ford amidst all the schadenfreude over his self-destruction.

He is a big fat bully and he deserves all the bullying he gets.

The same media outlets that have been devoting pages upon pages to Rob Ford's downward spiral are as usual silent on issues of far greater import. Here are just a few topics that the Star could choose to put on their front page;

  • how are things going in Attawapiskat?
  • how is that youth unemployment crisis coming along?
  • how is that youth suicide crisis on the reservations coming along?
  • how is it that the native suicide rate is eight times that for white folks?

Those are just a few questions that the Toronto Star might devote its first eight pages to. Instead, they are steadfast in their "get Ford" vendetta.

Forget Ford. 

There are real life-and-death issues in this country.

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