Sunday, November 3, 2013

Syria becoming "Afghanistan on the Mediterranean"

This bit of disingenuous twaddle is a prime example of history being fudged even as it is unfolding. After two and a half years fanning the flames of the Syria conflagration, the Turks are absolutely shocked to find there's a roaring inferno next door!

Turkey has from before the beginning connived in the training and arming of the Syrian "opposition," the harbouring of rebels, and the delivery of weapons to the various groups. But now that it has become plain that the support funnelled through Turkey and Jordan hasn't been enough to topple Assad, it's the weak moral fibre of the international community in not escalating the violence that is to blame.

Surely Erdogan and Gul knew what they were doing when they signed on for this regime-change exercise. We don't know yet what promises were dangled in front of them by the Big Dogs to entice them into what was always a dubious undertaking. The constant need to suck up to their NATO betters, as well as the endless scraping and bowing in front of the EU pack they are so desperate to join, no doubt helped to becloud their better judgement.

Alas, times have changed since those CIA promises were made three years ago, when they were assured that Assad would be gone in a matter of months, and the star of the Muslim Brotherhood would shine more brightly than ever before thanks to the noble efforts of Erdogan and Gul.

Assad is still there. The Big Dogs have turned their backs on the MB, in Turkey and across the region. The "revolution" has long since fallen into the hands of al Qaeda. Syria is at risk to become a failed terror state on the periphery of Europe...

All of this was readily predictable three years ago, Mr. Gul.


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