Friday, November 8, 2013

Watch Mayor Ford take a crap!

The Toronto Star has obtained a video from anonymous sources that shows an obviously drunk Mayor Ford having a bowel movement.

Confidential sources who have seen the video claim the Mayor may have been smoking crack cocaine too! While the context is unknown it is obvious that the potty-cam got the goods on the Mayor, who appears to be saying "good riddance, Blair," as he reaches for the flusher handle, although the audio is not very clear according to the sources.

The Star is rumoured to have a standing offer of $100,000 for any video that shows Ford in an embarrassing light, so we should be in for many more yucky laughs at the Mayor's expense in the days and weeks ahead!

Thank God for press freedom!

And thank God for those indefatigable investigative journalists at the Toronto Star who are relentless in their determination to get to the bottom of things.

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