Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hollande the Conqueror sees record low poll numbers

He's down to a 15% approval rating in the latest poll.

So obviously that's the guy who has the cred to veto any deal with Iran on their nuke program.

There may have been a sympathy element in Hollande's initial approval ratings. After all, he took the baton from King Sarko, the dim-witted twat who imagined he was still leading Gaulist France.

It was assumed that Hollande knew better.

What have been his accomplishments?

An absolutely ill-advised foray into Mali, advised by his consiglieri BHL. Mali was going to earn Hollande his spurs, according to Bernard-Henri Levi.

Instead, Mali has produced a few dead Frenchmen, lots more dead Malians, and a growing quagmire that shows no signs of abating.

Meanwhile, the consiglieri and the President have shown no interest in interventions in situations that are even more dire than Mali.

The Central African Republic for example.

Yet Hollande is allowed to use his imaginary credibility to scuttle a deal with Iran at the Geneva talks?

There is obviously more going on here than we see.

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