Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A stroke of flipping genius @ The Globe and Mail

When I first noticed that the back page of every section of today's paper was upside-down, my first thought was, oh no, the lay-out guy is back on the crack-pipe...

But no, it's so much sadder than that!

A "note to readers" on p.2 informs me that "the back pages of today's sections have been printed upside-down intentionally as part of a creative execution called The Flip Side."

Creative execution?... 

Well at least the lay-out guy is OK; it's the entire editorial committee that's on the pipe! Not to mention the pricey outside consultants that inevitably befoul such goings on.

Just picture; a boardroom of very important publishing power people; brainstorming.

And brainstorming.

And brainstorming some more...

They brainstorm late into the night. They order in from Pusateri's and brainstorm on...

Twelve hours later, and all that brainstorming has produced little more than a few modest brain farts. Everybody wants to go home. Finally, the unpaid intern sitting in the shadow of The Publisher meekly raises her hand...

What if... what if we... like, you know, flip a couple of pages or something?


Creative execution indeed!

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