Saturday, August 15, 2015

Turkey heading down the shitter

It's long been taken as a given, here in the non-aligned centre, that the wily Erdogan is simply cutting his own path through a forest of dimwits and sycophants.

But the headline informing the world that it's Turkey's job to eliminate ISIS left me speechless.

We're not told what level of authority an edict from "Brett McGurk" might even have... we're just tossed this name, McGurk, and we're expected to understand that he's a semi-official spokesperson for US foreign policy.

And according to this story, it is now up to Turkey to cure the Islamic State problem.

At one level that is highly ironic because Turkey has been a key sponsor of Islamic State.

At another level, it's even more ironic because the same US policy gurus who are now demanding that Turkey solve Islamic state, are the very same ones who were greenlighting Turkey's collusion with that same Islamic State all along!

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